Construction & Industry

Using drones to document construction sites is a great way to keep costs down and reduce risk. Monitor progress without having to visit the site. Monitor equipment and supplies. Monitor safety and risk factors. Have proof during and after completion of what was built and how it was built.

The use of this technology is rapidly expanding into other areas. These areas include site inspection, mapping, 3D modeling, infrared inspection, and construction progress photography.

Site Inspection

Construction sites have dangerous and difficult to access areas. Drones can inspect these dangerous areas without risking life and at the same time protecting workers and your company’s liability. This documentation can also be extremely valuable for proof of work in the future.


Drone mapping is an accurate way to map, inventory, inspect, and monitor construction sites. Using ground control points (GCPs) and scale constraints we can create an accurate 2D or 3D map of your site.


Progress Photography and Videography

Lookout Drone Services progress photography and videography is used for documentation of construction sites for the benefit of project managers, superintendents, and project owners. Detailed low-altitude high-resolution photos and video can be captured weekly, monthly, or quarterly. All of this provides an efficient, affordable method for contractors to stay on top of site needs.
We also have the ability to put together time-lapse site progreessions.

Thermal Inspection and Troubleshooting

Advanced thermal technologies integrated with drone imaging can provide valuable information pertaining to heat loss and leaks in roofs, underground, and in buildings.

Three-Dimensional Modeling

3D modeling is done by using photogrammetry. We take hundreds or even thousands of images of a site. Computer programs then stitch everything together to create accurate 3D models of your your marketing campaign.