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Lookout Drone Services

Lookout Drone Services is an Aerial mapping, photography, and videography company. Our pilots are FAA Part 107 Certified. We follow the highest safety standards, use leading-edge equipment, and are fully insured. Best of all, we love what we do.

Construction and Industry Services

Drones are being utilized in construction and industry for mapping, site inspection, 3D modeling, and thermal imaging. Construction sites depend on inspections to gain a comprehensive understanding of a build’s progress, and to ensure safety standards.


Aerial photography services combine technology, experience and passion. Please contact us for your real estate, event, inspection, or any other aerial photography needs.


Video conveys ideas and information better than other forms of media. Let us provide you with video of real estate, construction documentation, events, or any need you may have. We use the best, safest drones equipped with 4K cameras. We can then supply professional postproduction editing and delivery.


Safety is always our number one priority. Our FAA Certified Part 107 Commercial Pilots utilize only the latest technologically advanced drones to deliver a one of a kind product for the unique needs of our clients.

We follow all federal and state guidelines in all of our activities.We fly state-of-the-art DJI drones with high resolution cameras and full 4K video.

Lookout Drone Services